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The V30 and V40 are true simultaneous 3-axis, PC-based CNC-controlled machining centers equipped to handle precision
engine blueprinting.
RMC’s digital probe option is a
one-step process for block setup
and premachining block checking
of bore diameters, locations and
deck heights.
RMC’s 360° 4th Axis Rotary Table and
block fixture allows specific angle positioning
of even the largest blocks for lifter bore
machining, splayed caps, block lightening
and a variety of other 4th axis operations.
RMC’s tool setter is extreamly fast, accurate
and easy to use it is a non-contact optiacal system
that will save you time and money when setting all
of your boring tool diameters.
Optional tooling packages and work specific fixturing systems
Finish boring range – 2.6” – 8.00” Rough boring range – 2.6” – 8.00”
CBN Milling head 10 or 14” Optical Tool setting fixture
Block true fixture Lifter bore tooling packages
4th Axis 360* rotary block fixture Main Cap machining fixture
The V30 Machine Center
RMC’s most versitile Block
Machining Center, can perform
a wide variety of other engine
related machining functions
and operations.
The new 8200 CNC high speed machining control
featuring powerful solid model graphics with conversational
visual aid help screens. This new control offers
expanded connectivity capabilities using USB, Ethernet
and MT Connect.
Special keyed lifter bushing installation
tool is just one of the many
options RMC offers to accurately install
those difficult keyed lifter bushings.
RMC’s Line Boring Option
allows fast and accurate line
and cam boring operations.
The finish is so fine and accurate
that there is no need to
line hone the block afterwards!
RMC Engine Component Machining Centers …
RMC’s fixturing, tooling systems and programming specifically
designed for engine building/rebuilding, you get spectacular results that would
not have been believable just a few short years ago!
Inverter drive, ball screws on all axis, servo feed motors, turcite coated ways
with metal guards, chip guards and boom hoists have all been incorporated
into the design. 360° rotary fixtures, wireless probe systems, tooling packages
and a wide range of software programming for specific applications
means you are up and running quickly. Not only can you handle all the
requirements of engine component machining, you can perform the wide
variety of other conventional CNC machining operations as well.
The V30 Series is RMC’s most popular CNC Engine Machining Center. It’s
accuracy, repeatability and time saving efficiency is further enhanced by it’s
dependability. It’s all designed to get the job done at a price you can truly


Rottler HP7A CNC Diamond Hone

RNR has a new employee, Rottler HP7A CNC Diamond Hone. The only automotive cylinder honing machine on the market with Automatic Pressure Control! A must for diamond cylinder honing.

The HP7A allows for faster honing without bore distortion. Program the desired roughing and finishing loads and walk away! Without automatic pressure control the machine will continue to build pressure on cylinder walls when honing with diamonds causing bore distortion. The Rottler system controls stone pressure on cylinder walls thus reducing bore distortion and decreasing honing time.
The HP7A control is easy to understand and simple to use. The control handles a wide variety of precision bore finishing work – from automotive and diesel blocks to motorcycle, outboard marine, snowmobile, airplane, and industrial applications.

Key Features:
• The digital bore profile display projects exact profile of the bore during honing.
• The computer senses any taper and automatically dwells or short strokes – automatically correcting the tight area.
• 2 stage roughing and finishing cycle allows fast stock removal for roughing and light loads for finishing – for productive and accurate cycles.
• Infinitely variable hone head RPM allows high speeds for roughing and a slower speed for finishing, giving the desired cross hatch angle and surface finish.
• The finishing cycle operates much like a “spark out” system where there is very light stone load resulting in accurate bore geometry and consistant surface finish.
• Automatic Plateau Mode holds the stones at a preset load and counts down the number of strokes so that each cylinder has the same surface finish.
• Manual buttons are provided for fine adjusting settings during automatic cycles and R&D.

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